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Millennium Project Solutions

Current Projects

CFISD Ault & Willbern ES Renovations

Alief ISD-Group 1 Secure Open Libraries

Multi-campus renovations to include; demolition of existing finishes, wall, HVAC, plumbing & electrical and installation of new finishes, casework, lighting.

Klein ISD Multi-Campus Security Vestibule Installation

Installation of security vestibules at five Klein ISD campuses.

Project Amount: $292,637.01

Friendswood ISD Bales Intermediate & Westwood ES

Mechanical and electrical upgrades with interior renovations to each campus.

Project Amount: $3,117,000.00

Waller ISD Turlington ES Site Improvements

Various site improvements; paving demolition & new paving installation drive entrance steel gates, miscellaneous traffic signage & hydro mulch.

Project Amount: $1,448,000.00

Tomball ISD Ag Show Barn

City of Morgans Point-Public Works Building

Goose Creek CISD Fabrication Center

Interior renovations and building modifications.

Project Amount: $529,733.26

CFISD Thornton MS Paving Improvements

Demolition of existing parking lot, stabilize and compact dirt foundation, install new parking lot on footprint of old parking lot.

Project Amount: $447,331.39

Past Projects

CFISD Hoover, Pope, & Moore ES Renovations

Interior renovation work including security segmentation, art and music room renovations, building additions to replace classrooms that were displaced through wall flashing replacement.

CFISD Andre & Walker ES Renovations

Re-finish of entire Andre ES and kitchen addition, and re-segmentation of entire Walker ES and new roof overlay.

San Jacinto College Chilled Water Infrastructure

Demolition of existing chiller plant and associated infrastructure. Installation of owner furnished chiller plant and inter connection of new plant to existing campus hydronic system.

CFISD Hancock ES Renovations

Two new classroom and administration additions and various interior renovations.

CFISD Ken Pridgeon Stadium

Football stadium press box renovations.

AccuTrans Interior Renovation

15,000 square-foot interior renovation.

CyFair ISD- FCU Stadium Renovation

Remove and replace fan coil units, repair walls and ceilings, pressure wash skim coat, masonry repairs, tile work, electrical repairs for stadium light circuits.

Project Amount: $423,250.00

Clear Creek ISD- Greene ES Priority & Replacements

Exterior Renovations and Utility Replacement.

Project Amount: $703,265.00

CyFair ISD – Band Tower Replacements Project

Demolition and Replacement of Band Towers.

Project Amount: $759,860.00

CyFair ISD- CyRidge HS Detention Pond Improvements

Minor site clearing, and barbed wire fence install, storm sewer pipes removed and replaced. New wing wall and manhole installed.

Project Amount: $583,000.00

LSC CYFair-ESEC Building Classroom Conversion

Renovation of multiple spaces inside a higher education facility to include building partition walls to divide large rooms into two smaller rooms, modification of existing electrical, HVAC, & technology, installation of new electrical, HVAC & technology, new millwork, new flooring to match existing, reworking existing suspended acoustical ceiling systems, modification to existing fire alarm system, interior painting, installing new doors/frames/hardware.

Project Amount: $131,000.00

Katy OLC Cottage Renovation

Interior/Exterior renovation of an approximately 1800sf residential space. Renovation/remodel included HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, gypsum patch/repair, floor and wall tile installation, kitchen and bathroom countertop replacement, refinishing existing hardwood floors (sanding, patch/repair, and staining, installation of new stairs to back porch, code required updates throughout the space, building leveling, millwork modification, and interior/exterior painting.

Project Amount: $439,580.35

CyFair ISD- Langham Creek HS Freeze Repairs

Complete build back of Administration area including, drywall, finishing, painting, electrical and data. Complete build back of Auditorium area including, stage underlayment, stage flooring, raised flooring, under stage LVT, under stage fiberglass panels, painting, installation of wood/ metal grills and electrical work. Remove and install new performance floor in Dance Studio.

Project Amount: $376,000.00

University of Houston- MDF Expansion Phase I

Furnish and install mechanical portion of listed project in setting of 2 units and installation of air ducts into building. Move and set on existing equipment pads. Demo existing air duct and supply grills. Demo portion of masonry parking garage wall. Core drill for plumbing. Prove 10” hot tap and rout water/ drain through parking garage. Install trunk lines down parking garage and into building. Tie into RTU 1 and 2. Install supply and return grills

Project Amount: $247,845.00

CyFair ISD – Cy Ridge HS Freeze Repairs

Carpet/ Tile/ Base demo and replacement, Auditorium seating repair/replacement.

Project Amount: $309,664.57

Heritage Estates Development

Parcel development of 40 acres

Project Amount: $1,350,480.50

CyFair ISD –M. Robinson, A. Robison, Swenke, Tipps and Warner Elementary School Renovations

Multi-campus renovations which include: Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Waterproofing, Masonry, Communications, Etc.

Project Amount: $1,698,000.00

CyFair ISD – Hamilton and Reed Traffic Improvements

Sitework and paving additions at multiple locations with detention pond grading and retaining wall installation.

Project Amount: $1,187,000.00

CyFair ISD – Black, Danish, Duryea, Farney, Kirk, Lee and Sampson Elementary School Renovations

Multi-campus renovations which include: Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Waterproofing, Masonry, Communications, Etc.

Project Amount: $2,366,348.00

Lone Star College CASA Canopies

Sitework, paving and canopy addition.

Project Amount: $439,999.00

SISD C.E. King Storage Buildings

Ground-up construction of (1) pre-engineered greenhouse structure and (2) pre-engineered metal storage buildings with standing seam roofs and brick veneer.

Project Amount: $2,153,000.00

SISD C.E. King Band Tower

Provide and install dedicated electrical circuit and pathway to band tower. Install 4 duplex GFCI receptacles mounted in ground box. Install 2 receptacles at top of band tower. Remove topsoil and associated landscaping to correct elevation and lay 17’x17’x24” concrete foundation.  Provide PE drawings for band tower and foundation. Repair irrigation and landscaping.

Project Amount: $147,500.00

Channelview ISD – Aguirre Junior High Renovations

Sitework and paving of a parking lot.

Project Amount: $762,499.14

San Jacinto College – CPET Extended Site Development

Sitework and paving with tie-ins to county roads and detention pond grading.

Project Amount: $531,000.00

Cypress Fairbanks ISD – AG Center Renovations

Renovation of multiple buildings.

Project Amount: $1,239,959.00

Lone Star College – Covered Walkways

Site improvements, concrete walkways, and canopies throughout the University Park Campus.

Project Amount: $1,456,000.00

Lamar CISD – Multi Campus Carpet Replacement

Flooring demolition and replacement at multiple campuses.

Project Amount: $1,941,000.00

Dayton Christian Center Church

New 15,000sf Church Building, ground up.

Project Amount: $1,960,580.89

Cypress Fairbanks ISD – District Wide Vestibule Installation Phase 3

Install Vestibules at CFISD support centers which include: Glass, Glazing, Framing, High impact window film, Electrical, Mechanical and Renovation Work.

Project Amount: $1,430,000.000

Cypress Fairbanks ISD- District Wide Vestibule Installation

Install Vestibules at 63 CFISD Campuses which include: Glass, Glazing, Framing, ,High impact window film, Electrical, Mechanical and Renovation Work.

Project Amount: $4,461,879.00

Texas State University- Blanco Hall Roof Replacement

TPO Roof System Replacement of 660 squares

Project Amount: $979,736.85

Varnett Charter School Renovations

T Building Exterior Renovations with included: Concrete, Canopies, Aluminum Walkways, Iron Fencing, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing.

Project Amount: $652,265.66

Crosby ISD- Drew Intermediate Spark Park

Install new playground for Drew Intermediate with included: Sitework, Concrete, Electrical, Playground Installation and Canopies.

Project Amount: $412,547.80

Lone Star College University Park Atrium Windows

Replace Atrium Window and Re-seal Curtain Wall.

Project Amount: $392,478.65

Lone Star College TLC Renovation

Interior Renovations.

Project Amount: $198,809.34

Columbia Brazoria ISD Locker Room Addition

Locker Room Addition.

Lone Star College Visual Communications Center

Renovation, Construction, & Equipment Install.

Project Amount: $1,158,416.63

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